Learn More about My Acupuncture Service

 If you are looking for a place in North Bergen, NJ where a reliableAffordable Acupuncture Service North Bergen, NJ chiropractor can provide you with different alternative medicine services, you should not look any further than Reflex Wellness. I, the sole owner of the company, have a lot of experience in this field of work – over 30 years to be exact. During this time, I’ve learned many different techniques for healing the body and relaxation and now I help the people in the area with my skills and knowledge.

 Acupuncture is known for improving the functions of people’s body trough stimulation certain points using fine needles. These needles are, of course, sterile, and they are inserted in specific areas on the body, which are called acupoints. Their effect is enhanced with the use of pressure, heat, and even electrical stimulation. This therapy is part of the traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on the belief that the universe is created by two opposing sources – yin and yang. When they two are in balance, the spirit and body of the person are healthy.

 I have mastered those techniques during all the years of practice I have under my belt. Now, I help the people in the North Bergen, NJ area to restore their inner balance and be happier and healthier by providing them with acupuncture therapy. When you first contact me, we will discuss your current health status. I will examine the shape, color, and coating of your tongue, feel your pulse, and do some other examinations to determine which approach will be best to use on you. After that, I will ask you to lay down on the table so I can proceed with the procedure.

 If you need more information about this service or anything else I can do as a certified chiropractor, give Reflex Wellness a call at (201) 320-4801 right away. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!