Services from a Local Reflexology Specialist

Come to Reflex Wellness when you want to experience professional reflexology services. I work with customers in North Bergen, NJ, and I have had many years of training to learn this alternative therapy. I work Mondays to Saturdays by appointment, and I have helped many patients over the years.

Reflexology is a therapy that focuses on the hands and feet. It is a type of massage that can be relaxing even though it is limited to a specific area of your body. Reflexologists believe that certain points on your body can affect your glands and organs. The therapist will press the reflex points on your hands and feet for you to experience a beneficial effect on certain organs of your body.

The reflexology specialist will not cure or diagnose ailments, but they can provide stress and tension relief with their services. They follow a chart of the hand and foot, and the patient can also see which pressure points are being stimulated. This therapy works by stimulating the nervous system, which increases blood circulation and promotes the removal of metabolic waste in the body.

This form of alternative therapy is commonly used as a pain relief massage. Practitioners of the healing art believe that pain can be stopped by stimulating the nervous system and brain. The brain is responsible for sending out signals to your cells, and your mood and stress level can also have an effect on your perception of pain. As the therapist gives you a massage and stimulates certain points in your body, it allows your brain to adjust the signals it sends out.

For affordable reflexology therapy, come to Reflex Wellness. Over the years, I have served my customers in North Bergen, NJ and the nearby areas. I have practiced alternative medicine for two decades, and I am dedicated to promoting wellness and healing in my customers. I’m available by appointment only, so if you would like to try my therapy, call my reflexology studio at (201) 320-4801.