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When you want to try the services of an experiencedReflexology Service North Bergen, NJ reflexologist, come to Reflex Wellness. I am the owner of the business and my name is Ulysses Sims. I work with customers who live in North Bergen, NJ, and I am available Mondays to Saturdays by appointment. I have studied this therapy, and I have many hours of hands-on experience.

The practice of reflexology is based on the idea that all parts of the body are connected through nerves in the hands, feet, and ears.  Hand reflexology is a soothing form of massage therapy, and it helps alleviate various health issues. Each movement targets a specific area. The practitioner will base his movements on a chart that has mapped the nerves on the hands and its connection to the various organs of the body. Since the reflexes in the hand are deeper beneath the skin, the practitioner will use more pressure and hold for a longer period of time to be able to stimulate the nerves to release tension, stress, and imbalances of the body.

Feet reflexology is more than just a massage. It is a therapy that has many benefits, including removal of toxins, promotion of healing, and correction of imbalances and energy in the body. The movements are based on the meridians of the body, and the therapist will use a chart in order to know which points to stimulate. Before any reflexology session, it’s important to talk with your therapist about the health issues you are experiencing, if any. Common issues include headaches, constipation, and sleep disturbances.

During a reflexology session, you remain fully clothed. You lie back on a chair while the therapist rubs and presses your feet and hands. When you have specified certain ailments, they may press on certain points or reflexes longer.

For the services of an alternative medicine practitioner, come to Reflex Wellness. I work with customers who live in North Bergen, NJ, and I offer reflexology services. I am experienced and fully capable of providing my therapeutic services, and I have many satisfied clients who have been helped by my healing touch. To learn more about my services or to book your appointments, call me at (201) 320-4801.