The Stress and Pain Relief Massage Therapies That Will Change Your Life

Do you feel constantly tired and drained,Stres Relief Massage North Bergen, NJ both physically and emotionally? Are you looking for a way to get rid of your constant anxiety attacks? I have the solution for your problems! Reflex Wellness is exactly the place you should visit, so you can take advantage of my effective stress and pain relief massage sessions and reflexology services, specifically designed to improve your overall health and well-being. You can benefit from my services if you reside in North Bergen, NJ and the surrounding areas.

Nowadays, stress is the major reason for most health issues and chronic problems that people experience. Overloading ourselves with exhausting jobs, lacking physical activity, adopting unhealthy eating habits, and keeping negative emotions within, all this is just a fraction of the factors that accumulate and make us ill every single day. The bodies and minds of each person react differently to these health “enemies”, ending up with a disease that is often hard to diagnose or alleviate. Alternative medicine has a way out of this circle with part of the solution being reflexology and relaxation massage therapies. Most people do not realize how a single stress relief massage can do miracles for them. Keep reading to learn more!

Characteristics and benefits of the various types of massages
Stress relief massage with reflexology – This is only one of the applications of a massage, but it is definitely one of the most important ones. It is extremely beneficial in all stress-related problems and stress-induced health issues, such as muscle tension, high blood pressure, insomnia, and anxiety. There are several different techniques used during such a massage, each of them having its own effect within the body at the point of touch, and these are stroking, kneading, pressure, and pummeling.
Pain relief massage – Such a massage eases the pain in several different ways. It increases the blood flow circulation to stiff joints and sore muscles and triggers the release of natural painkilling hormones within the body, such as oxytocin, which results in calmness and contentment. It can also change the way the brain senses pain. From relieving tired eyes, through easing headaches and tension in any part of the body, to curing persistent postoperative pain, such massage is beneficial in many ways.

Reflexology therapy – People rarely realize how much their feet do for them. Carrying the entire body weight all day and enduring uncomfortable positions and shoes, feet are usually neglected. A relaxing foot massage is an ideal way to treat the feet, but it also benefits the whole body, especially when applying reflexology techniques. Treating specific reflex points on the foot induces a healing response in corresponding organs and areas of the body.

What to expect when you choose my services

Whether you turn to me for a foot massage therapy, or you want to try out regular stress relief sessions, I will provide you with my full attention and respectful approach each time. I follow a work pattern that involves communicating with my patients constantly. I will discuss attentively their ailments, concerns, and expectations so that I can develop a personalized massage program for them. The healing process depends on the severity of their health condition, and the sessions and their frequency will vary according to the speed of improvement and recovery. I can provide both in-home and workplace sessions for those that can not visit me or prefer the convenience of their setting.

If you want to learn more about Reflex Wellness or schedule an appointment with me in North Bergen, NJ, do not hesitate and call at (201) 320-4801 today!