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by Bernard Dixon on Reflex Wellness

I was experiencing some problems due to pain in my back. This woman suggested a stress relief massage and I decided to try. She performed the massage gently and with maximum precision. I walked out the studio with confidence and very relaxed. I will definitely be back soon! Keep up the good work!

by Shane Lee on Reflex Wellness

At first, I was skeptical that a foot massage therapy will make me feel better but this woman was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. After the session, I felt like a new person. It was very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I look forward to booking an appointment again.

by Sylvester Harris on Reflex Wellness

I am going there for feet reflexology services and could not be happier with the results of their services. The woman that performs the messages is very patient, careful, and professional. She always plays relaxing music and makes me feel comfortable.

by Naomi Vasquez on Reflex Wellness

I am very happy that I decided to go to their place for a reflexology service. The therapist explained everything I wanted to know about it and provided me with the best massage I have ever had. I am completely satisfied with the quality of their service and would like to recommend it to anyone in this area.

by Arthur Fowler on Reflex Wellness

This is my first alternative medicine therapy. I have gone to many studios in the area but none of them managed to give me the solution was looking for. I decided to go with this specialist and the outcome is amazing. I feel much better and relaxed now. And this right after the first visit. Amazing. Thank you a lot!

by Caroline on Reflex Wellness
Thank you, Ulysses Sims!

I had been experiencing sciatica and lower back pain and ran into Ulysses. I introduced myself, as I had heard great things about his work from some of my co-workers, and he asked me what was going on. He probably worked on my hands for ten minutes or so, while I told him that I had had back surgery a year and a half ago and thought it was acting up again. He looked at me and said, "I don't think it's your back. It's your intestines and kidneys." After he miraculously moved my pain from my back to my left side and then slowly minimized it, I asked him if I should book an appointment with him. Instead of saying yes, he kindly told me I should first go see a doctor. I scheduled an appointment with a GI doctor and after telling him all about my other symptoms (mainly IBS, but a lot of my other body parts were not feeling well- I'll spare you the details), he scheduled an endoscopy. Turns out, I have such bad acid reflux that I have a hernia on my esophagus, lesions, a lot of bile, mucus and internal hemorrhoids (which I didn't even realize were possible). The funny thing is, I prayed to God earlier that day about how I need help right now in my life... and then I ran into Ulysses. Basically, this would have been left untreated had I not ran into him. So I have to thank him and also advocate that he DEFINITELY knows what he is doing! Once I am on medication, I will definitely being seeing him to assist with my healing. I'm so grateful and thankful to have caught it in time and finally have some answers for the way I was feeling. Thank you- you saved me! 0:)

by Mike B on Reflex Wellness

Ulysses is an exceptionally skilled reflexologist. I'm an avid trail runner that runs every weekend and a cancer survivor, regular reflexology with Uly have become key part of my wellness routine. When my body takes a beating from our daily rat race city life a tune up for our wellness is a must and needed.

I had significant clavicle pain (for over 2 weeks); the pain was immediately alleviated after the session. I strongly recommend him.
Thanks Uly !

by Aaron on Reflex Wellness
Feet as the stairway to heaven

Ulysses is a very knowable and professional practitioner. He came to my apartment for our first service and educated me on the benefits of reflexology while turning me into a believer. Its deep tissue for your feet so be prepared to hold on tight. Ultimately I felt looser, slept better and was more relaxed for day to come,

by John Smith on Reflex Wellness

Very good work

by Karen Sims on Reflex Wellness

I have used my husband services over 20 years, I can trulysay I have had Ulysses stop tooth aches, stomach discomfort,back pain relief, and recently pre surgery treatments to relaxmy organs before surgery, and right after surgery to makesure everything was circulating in my favor all with complete satisfaction!

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